The Book

Empowering Women To Walk In God’s Glory: A Practical Guide for Real Life Situations

We were designed to enjoy a glorious life in Jesus Christ! Whether you are burnt out from the stresses of a corporate career, feel zapped at the end of each day as a stay at home mom or, you’re just plain tired of the effort to stay relevant, valued and beautiful all at the same time, this book is for you.

God’s glory can rejuvenate you by taking the heavy lifting off your shoulder we often sign up for daily. Making sure the kids are safe, battling demons of poor self image, confronting madness in our worklife …we put so much pressure on ourselves to handle it alone.

But what is the glory of God? It is God’s manifested presence in you. And with He in you, you don’t have to use yourself – with its human limitations – to face giants. You can and must leverage the brilliance and splendor of God’s mighty power on the inside.

This approach has made a tremendous difference in my life and others…now, I am sharing with you.